Ultra Violet Floor Coating Service

Protect your floors from scratches and abrasion with advanced UV curing floor coating technology. Kelly Industrial Services offers high-quality UV floor coating and floor polishing throughout the United States that will keep your floors looking spectacular for longer.

UV floor coating has many advantages over other floor protection options. The ultra violet coating takes less time to apply, yet it is durable enough to withstand heavy equipment and everyday foot traffic. With UV curing, your floors will be easier to clean after spills, and they will be resistant to common stains.

Our crew is highly trained to apply UV floor coating in warehouses, factories, restaurants, hospitals, institutional buildings, and other industrial and commercial facilities.

UV Floor Coating Benefits

Floor Polishing and UV Coating

Ultra Violet Floor Urethane Coating is the next generation of floor protection that we’re happy to provide our customers. This service offers great benefits to your business:

  • Dries instantly
  • No wait time
  • Quick to complete
  • Non-flammable
  • Extremely durable
  • Low odor and VOC compliant

UV floor coating offers an excellent stain and scuff resistance, plus easy maintenance. This floor coating is durable and retains its clear coat look after everyday foot traffic. It also withstands weathering without yellowing or discoloration.

Looking for the best floor protection for your facility? UV floor coating is an excellent choice for any industrial or commercial setting. It performs exceptionally in facilities, it is resistant to wear and abrasion from frequent equipment and machinery movement, as well as different types of footwear, including rubber shoe soles and heels.

UV-cured floor coating is also non-flammable and non-toxic, and the inhalation hazard is exceptionally low.

UV Floor Coating Process

Ultra Violet floor coating is an exciting process we are happy to offer at Kelly Industrial Services. 

Our highly trained and experienced crews perform UV floor urethane coating like no other in the nation.”

After applying and setting the urethane coating in place, we use ultra violet light to instantly dry the clear coat. Thanks to this technology, you can start using the floor immediately after application. No wait times and no delays.

The result of our UV floor coating service is a fantastic looking surface that improves safety and performance.

At Kelly Industrial Services, our work is safe, effective, and beautiful.