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We specialize in advanced, fluid-applied, self-flashing roof systems and coatings suitable for a variety of surfaces, including EPDM, Asphalt (BUR) and Metal. Tailoring our approach, we determine the ideal number of layers and membrane thickness based on specific surface conditions and the unique requirements of each project.

Our commitment to excellence begins with a meticulous surface preparation, ensuring optimal adhesion by providing a clean, smooth, and dry base. These renewable and maintainable systems stand as a cost-effective solution to replacing your roof. Our roofing system product line includes the most technologically advanced polymeric roof systems, which have been proven to withstand the harshest environments.

The coating allows for increased indoor comfort in summer by reflecting heat from the roof system surface, and reduces the heat island effect in cities and suburbs. It also reduces air pollution and smog formation as it can help builders to meet California’s Title 24 Energy Efficiency Building Standards.

Protects & Seals From
Mother Nature

Backed By Our
10 & 20 Year Warranties

Saves On Heating &
Cooling Costs

Peak Performance

Our roof coating systems are engineered for optimal performance, ensuring robust protection against environmental elements. Designed to withstand all conditions, they maintain their integrity and effectiveness, keeping your building secure and protected.

Reduce Maintenance

Our solutions are crafted to minimize the need for regular upkeep. With a focus on durability and resilience, our roof coatings reduce the frequency and cost of normal maintenance, providing a hassle-free, long-term roofing solution for your building.

Extended Lifespan

Our advanced coating systems enhance the longevity of your roof. By protecting against wear and tear, our coatings extend the life of your roof, offering a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to having to replace the roof of your building.

Optimal Adhesion

Our applications are characterized by superior adhesion, ensuring a strong and lasting bond to the roof surface. This adherence is critical for long-term durability and effectiveness, providing a reliable defense against various weather conditions and environmental factors.

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