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Ceiling and Wall Cleaning and/or Painting

Dust and cobwebs on a dirty ceiling

Dirty ceiling, cobwebs and dust

Kelly Industrial Services has been the leader in cleaning and maintaining cleanliness within Industrial Manufacturing facilities for over thirty years. Our specially designed services allow us to remove 90% of the loose combustible dust, cobwebs, peeling paint, mold and mildew from all types of ceiling and wall surfaces. Metal, vinyl, concrete, wood and block are just some of the surfaces we successfully clean and/or paint for our clients across the country every year. We can provide our services on weekends, nights, single days and holidays catering to the demanding schedule of our clients.

Typical steps of our cleaning process:

  • Safety Briefing

  • Crew puts on all PPE

  • Cover all applicable items

  • Hang plastic walls from ceiling to floor where applicable

  • Remove 90% of the loose dust, cobwebs and peeling paint from ceiling and walls

  • Remove plastic walls

  • Leave area in better than before condition

  • Remove all equipment from area 

  • Dispose of plastic and debris

  • Clean off all equipment and stock

  • Clean underneath rollers 

  • Uncover all items

Before any cleaning or painting begins, the KIS crew expertly covers all your machinery, stock, inventory, and floors. "Walls" of plastic are put up to surround the work area. These protective sheets of plastic seal out dust and paint spray.  We clean ceilings, walls, rafters, light fixtures, pipes and ducts and grates are cleaned of spider webs, dust and grease.  When the job is finished, the KIS crew does a final clean up. The work area is left in "better than before" condition.

Ultra Violet Floor Coating

Ultra Violet coating on concrete

Ultra Violet Floor Coating

Ultra Violet floor coating is the next generation of floor protection.  This urethane coating is set in place and dried instantly using Ultra Violet Light.  It allows our customers to begin using the floor immediately after application.  It is an exciting process we are happy to offer now at Kelly Industrial Services.

Machine Cleaning/Degreasing

Ward cutter dry ice blasted, degreased and painted

Dry Ice Blasted, Degreased and Painted

This additional service compliments our full service cleaning and painting program. Required cleaning. painting and degreasing of manufacturing machines are a process all by themself and we are the company you need to call for this service. In general manufacturing, cleaning is an integral part of most operations that needs to work together for the goal of having a clean machine that operates correctly. Please contact us for more details.

Pressure Washing

A customer's first impression of a business is its cleanliness and that all important first impression. A filthy, stained building can detract from your clientele's overall impression of your establishment.

Commercial/Industrial pressure washing is available along with our many other services.  Please contact us for more information. We are equipped to offer steam-cleaning and pressure washing services for a variety of circumstances.

Commericial Washing provides industrial pressure washing services enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your business while providing a safer environment for your customers and employees. We remove oil stains, pollution, residue, algae/mold, gum, dirt, grime, etc. leaving your location clean and well maintained.