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Fall Protection

April 13, 2012

Commercial painting contractors have to be able to reach very hard to get to areas in order to deliver a quality job. Smokestacks, storage tank interiors and stadium ceilings are just a few places that require specialized equipment to ensure on the job safety. Fall protection systems are an examp...

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Scissor Lift Tip-over Hazard

April 10, 2012

Scissor lifts are a common piece of work equipment for painting contractors. These versatile lifts make getting to hard to reach areas a lot easier. However, the scissor lift can be a dangerous piece of equipment if it is not properly used.Scissor lif...

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Scissor Lift Hazard

March 30, 2012

Getting back to work after a holiday weekend is a good time to review safety procedures with painting and coating equipment. Scissor lifts provide work crews with a maneuverable, convenient system to reach high places, without the extensive set-up and tear-down time of traditional scaffolding. Ho...

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