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Epoxy Floors

January 9, 2013

Epoxy is a material much the same as wood in the fact that it requires attention in order to keep the

structural and visual integrity. Epoxy, especially coatings exposed to high traffic, (i.e. Garages, commercial

business floors, industrial floors exposed to heavy machinery and forklifts) requires regular cleaning and

waxing to maintain its visual appearance and minimize risk of scratching and delaminating the surface. In

our proposal, we offer several options for final coatings (top-coats) recommendations depending on our

experience and your requests. These include: Epoxy, Solvent or Water based Urethanes, Poly-aspartic…

the later being the most chemical and scratch resistant. Our epoxies are of the highest durability on the

market and many of which are not even available to the public as the companies selling these products often

times do not want typical homeowners applying their coatings due to increased likelihood of failure due to

improper preparation of floor prior to application and higher difficulty of application due to set times. Our

epoxies are 100% solids (best on the market) and UV resistant (hold up very well to UV rays.) However, no

epoxy is scratch proof or UV proof further proving that some maintenance is a good idea for longevity of the

floor coating. We offer two options. 1.) Application of a 1 – 3 coats of floor wax / protection recommended

every 1 – 5 years (depending on top-coat used) and 2.) Re-coat surface with another layer of epoxy /

urethane / poly-aspartic (recommended every 10 – 15 years depending on application to revitalize the

surface of your floor coating. The second option is ‘optional’ and not always needed in lower traffic areas

but often times needed in very high traffic areas like commercial floors and business floors.


We at LSC use several Products for floor coating protection and offer our products and services in waxing

and/or re-coating your epoxy floor coating depending on your requests.

Reasons for regular cleaning / waxing of epoxy surfaces:

1. Fills any imperfections / gaps in your floor to keep out water, chemicals, salts, oil, grease and

stains which can weaken and discolor the surface.

2. Makes cleaning other stains from the above-mentioned stains easier. Most solvents will not

discolor the concrete.

3. Resists abrasion, scuffing, scratching, dog/cat claw markings, etc…


1. Must apply in temperatures above 50 Degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Allow 2 - 4 hours to dry before opening it to traffic.

3. REMEMBER, it’s ALWAYS better to give light applications and apply twice rather than one

heavy appplication!!!


1st – We apply the first application immediately after we finish applying your floor coating.

Future applications: Every year for epoxy top-coatings

Every 3 – 5 years for Urethane and Poly-aspartic top-coatings

NOTE: If proper care of your top-coat is not taken, the likelihood of scratching and unwanted abrasions

increases substantially.

Do you want help with protecting your concrete?

If you choose to hire us to re-seal your concrete, please feel free to call us at (507) 663-0337 or email us at

and we will discuss costs and schedule a time convenient for you (and the weather) to

clean and wax your epoxy floor coating.

What we can offer you:

1. We will schedule a convenient time for you.

2. We will offer to clean / strip existing waxes off / power-wash your epoxy for you if you choose

not to do this yourself.

3. We will apply the protective wax product of your choice…. Gloss or Matte Finish. 20% solids

High quality floor finish.

4. If need be, we can tape off / baracade the area to prevent others from wandering onto your

freshly waxed floor.

For your information:

Epoxy is still far superior in quality and is far less demanding of your attention in comparison to other options

such as vinyl, tile, carpet, stone or hardwood, however contrary to popular belief, epoxy coatings do require

some attention! Whether you decide to take care of your floor coating yourself or you have someone such

as ourselves take care of it for you, please be aware of how important it is that your epoxy does get the

proper care and maintenance it needs to stay durable and clean for years to come!





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