How To Keep Your Production Area Clean

Clean Production Area

January 3, 2013

One easy way to gauge a warehouse or manufacturing plant ‘s effectiveness is to check how clean it is. Cleaner facilities are more productive, tend to be safer, and tend to be more organized.

Whether your facility features gleaming floors or just keeps debris from packaging materials, pallets, and accumulated junk under control, being cleaner is well worth the time investment. People who work in a disorganized facility where things just feel sloppy won’t work as well. They may make more errors. They won’t have pride in the operation.  An inch of dust on rack beams or beneath conveyor legs sends a message to workers. You don’t need a sparkling facility with floors so clean you could have lunch on them, but a well-lit, organized, pleasant place to work can be helpful in employee attitudes and retention.

Clean facilities are the result of consistent leadership. If you don’t create and enforce clean facility rules, your facility will degrade in terms of organization and cleanliness.

The safety pitfalls are very real. A forklift that leaks oil can create slippery spots where workers can be hurt. Piles of banding, pallets, or processing debris can limit forklift driver visibility. Overflowing garbage bins can be dangerous when people try to shoehorn more into them than they should, in particular if the debris is heavy or sharp. Even tiny inventory labels, with their waxy backing, can cause falls if they are allowed to languish on a polished cement floor.

Warehouse cleaning tips:



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