November 5, 2012

How do you control mold and mildew growth in your commercial buildings?

Why prevent mold/mildew growth?

Health hazards to employees include:

Where does mold/mildew grow?

Areas of moisture allows growth of mold spores

Most common sources of moisture build-up:

How does mold/mildew spread?

Mold and mildew are fungii and along with the presence of moisture, mold will feed on drywall, certain paints, vinyl, and is found to grow and spread  on most surfaces. 

Mold/mildew release spores into the air which create the health issues and cause it to spread if not controlled.

Dangers of Mold/Mildew outbreaks in the workplace:

For More information about mold:

For more information about mold remediation in your state:


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