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Scissor Lift Hazard

March 30, 2012

Getting back to work after a holiday weekend is a good time to review safety procedures with painting and coating equipment. Scissor lifts provide work crews with a maneuverable, convenient system to reach high places, without the extensive set-up and tear-down time of traditional scaffolding. Ho...

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Easter Weekend Discount!

March 28, 2012

We just had a Company cancel their cleaning service for the long holiday Easter( April 8th) weekend and now have crews available to possibly Clean and/or Paint your building. Contact Gerry Kelly at 5132931279 or email him at Thanks and we look forward to d...

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More Greener Paints

March 23, 2012

If your building has a green image to maintain, then you are always on the look out for products and practices that reduce emissions and reduce waste. Your regular painting and coating projects are an excellent opportunity for you to make environmentally friendly choices. By working with your pai...

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Greener Paints For Your Building?

March 20, 2012

As environmental consciousness becomes more mainstream, more buildings are going green not just in their construction phase, but throughout their entire life cycle. Maintenance planners looking for environmentally friendly materials and practices for their building will find a host of new product...

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The Binder

March 16, 2012

The binder is one of the most important ingredients in modern paints. Although linseed oil and other organic binders such as egg tempera were once commonly used by painters to lock the pigment into place on surfaces, today’s binders are formulated for quick dry times and superior tenacity....

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Modern Painting Compounds

March 13, 2012

Once the product of inexact experimentation, the pigments in today’s industrial painting and commercial painting applications are precisely formulated to deliver the greatest amount of color with the least amount of solid material. Titanium dioxide compounds are most commonly us...

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Science of Pigments

March 2, 2012

Pigments are the organic and inorganic solid compounds that give paint its signature color. Today, we are going examine pigments and discover how they make colors come to life. Pigments are solid particles held in suspension with the binder. These solid particles react with the wavele...

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