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A Breakdown of Paint

February 28, 2012

Paint is the heart of the painting and coating industry, and the focus of this week’s examination. Today, we begin with an overview of paint’s components. The characteristics of a given paint are the result of the specific combination of four components: pigments, binders, liquids and...

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February 16, 2012

Encapsulation is a cost-effective way to seal off surfaces treated with lead-based paint. A side by side comparison of encapsulation and standard removal reveals the savings that the technique offers. One factor that strongly influences the potential savings of encapsulation is experience. A pain...

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Encapsulation Savings

February 15, 2012

For facility managers, a properly executed encasement of surfaces with damaged lead-based paint can present a significant savings over removal. Today we are going to look a little more closely at these savings in the real world.A military base is almost ideal for conducting head to he...

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Encapsulation Product Characteristics

February 14, 2012

Encapsulation is a very cost-effective alternative to removing lead-based paints and other hazardous coating materials. To the uninitiated, the products used in encapsulation are indistinguishable from ordinary painting and coating products. A closer look at encapsulation products reveals their s...

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Lead Abatement: Practices For Contractors

February 13, 2012

By 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will require all painting and coating contractors who perform renovation work on pre-1978 homes, child care facilities and schools to have EPA abatement certification and to follow work practices that will reduce the risk of lead contamination for e...

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Myth #1:

February 10, 2012

"We use respirators on a voluntary basis so I dont need to meet any requirements of the OSHA respiratory protection program (29 CFR 1910.134)." Wrong. Even though you are using the product voluntarily and the use is below Permissible Exposure Levels (...

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Corrugated Packing

February 9, 2012


The Corrugated Packaging


Alliance protocol technical team has approved IPS Testing Experts to perform


the testing protocol outlined in the Voluntary Standard for Repulping and



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Steady Whine of the Corrugator

February 8, 2012

Was supplemented by the rhythmic ‘chachung’


of the knife. It had been so for


the first hours of the first shift. The run



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