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We’ve created our reputation by doing the hard things well

Kelly Industrial Services professionally cleans and paints all types of ceilings, machines and floors for all industries throughout the U.S. 

We work with your schedule to ensure minimum or no downtime for your business. Our highly trained & experienced crews are knowledgeable, effective, and OSHA-compliant.

Kelly Industrial Services professionally cleaning services before and After


Facility Cleaning

We offer a full spectrum of cleaning services including ceiling cleaning, wall cleaning, combustible dust cleaning, weekly maintenance, and more.

Facility Painting

Brighten up your space and give it a new look and feel with a fresh paint job for ceilings, walls, machines, silos & tanks and more.

Flooring Services

Make your floors tougher and resistant to wear and tear with floor coatings, concrete resurfacing, polishing, grinding, and more.

Disinfecting Services

Safe and clean spaces are essential for a productive work environment. We offer professional disinfecting services to keep your space sanitized.

Equipment Cleaning

Keep your machinery operating smoothy and looking great with machine cleaning, dry ice blasting, conveyor belt cleaning, machine painting, and more.

Dry Ice Blasting

This cleaning method uses dry ice, a non-abrasive, non-flammable approach to clean sensitive areas of your facility, including machinery.


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