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Dry Ice


Saves You Time & Money Without The Need To
Disassemble Equipment.

No Equipment Disassembly

Safe for Sensitive Areas

“Like New” Look

Our Dry Ice Blasting is a unique process that can be used to prepare a surface before painting and also as a stand-alone cleaning process. It is safe to use for rollers, gears and sensitive areas.

For example, the exterior of conveyors and machinery can be cleaned by applying dry ice, but so can the internal rollers of an Evol, Corrugator, Press or Tool and Die machinery.

We have extensive experience in using dry ice blasting techniques on the external and internal parts of machinery to remove wax, ink, grease, oil, etc.
After cleaning, the exterior of the machinery can be painted for a completely “like new” look.

Business Benefits of Clean Machinery

Safe & Efficient for Equipment Cleaning • No Disassembly Needed • Non-abrasive, Non-flammable, Non-conductive