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Stop germs and viruses from spreading while providing your customers and employees with a safe, sanitary environment with professional disinfecting. Providing industrial and commercial disinfecting services to manufacturing, warehouse and essential businesses throughout the United States, the team at Kelly Industrial Services can thoroughly clean your location quickly and effectively with minimal-to-no downtime for your operation. Among our most popular services, professional disinfecting can benefit any business of any size. From warehouses and commercial office buildings to industrial manufacturing facilities, our technicians will decontaminate your building while following all required safety protocols.

Our Disinfecting Process

Disinfecting Process - kelly Industrial Services

What can we disinfect?

Door Frames
Desks & Chairs
Keyboards & Computer Mice Sinks

Counters & Cabinets
Microwave (Outside)
Vending Machines
Lockers & Benches
Bathroom Toilets, Stalls & Doors
Machine Centers
Fork Trucks (Operator Area)

At Kelly Industrial Services, we take every precaution to ensure the safety of your employees and patrons. The members of our own team are completely protected during service as well. As a result, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is worn the entire time we are on site.