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We provide industrial painting services without
interruption to your production schedule.

Highest Quality Painting – Guaranteed

Through tens of thousands of man hours, our technicians have honed an exclusive skill set and exceptional process which allows us to clean and paint the most surface square footage of any contractor in the country over a 24-hour period.

Painting in Any Environment

With decades of experience, we successfully complete painting requests in the full spectrum of environments – from standard to unique to extreme.

No Interruption to Your Business

We, at Kelly Industrial Services, know the importance of zero-to-minimal downtime in production for all of our clients. Each client receives the highest quality painting services, delivered in the most efficient timeframe in the industry, and without interruption to the production schedule.

Benefits of painting your ceiling and walls

Create a positive work environment • Increase sales and brings in new customers • Increase production
Lower accident rates • Reduce downtime