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What Is Industrial Cleaning?

Overseeing an industrial site, like a factory or a warehouse, comes with a unique set of responsibilities. Securing the building’s cleaning and maintenance is not a job to overlook.

So, what does this mean for industrial facility managers, and how exactly does industrial cleaning differ from other types of cleaning?

At its core, the cleaning industry is a large industry that covers cleaning residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. All cleaning services come with their own challenges and differences. The cleaning staff follows the established cleaning standards appropriate for the cleaning site, whether it is a house, a business office, or a warehouse. Ultimately, cleaning is the removal of unwanted substances – like dirt and dust – from the cleaning area.

Industrial Cleaning vs Commercial Cleaning vs Residential Cleaning

  • Industrial cleaning is a type of cleaning with established cleaning standards that is provided for industrial facilities, including factories, warehouses, power plants, and manufacturing facilities. Industrial cleaning can also be provided to chemical industries and other institutions that require specialized cleaning that commercial cleaning normally wouldn’t provide.
  • Residential cleaning involves cleaning houses and other residential dwellings. 
  • Commercial cleaning includes janitorial services for offices and business locations. Industrial cleaning provides cleaning services to large facilities, like warehouses and industrial sites.

The biggest difference between industrial cleaning and other types of cleaning is the nature of the industrial business. Industrial sites often run 24/7 and any disruption to production or distribution schedules can be quite expensive for the business. Industrial cleaners know how to clean facilities effectively with no or little downtime, working around the client’s schedule.

What does industrial cleaning mean?

Industrial cleaning often requires special training and knowledge about working around hazardous materials and environments.

Since dirt and dust may accumulate much faster at industrial sites, these locations often require more immediate facility cleaning. In industrial settings with hazardous chemicals, cleaning may take place in a potentially toxic environment with hazardous spills. 

Timely and proper industrial cleaning ensures a safe working environment for employees and working equipment and machinery that doesn’t require repairs. For warehouse and facility managers, this means finding an industrial cleaning service that can handle the job. 

What do industrial cleaners do?

Industrial cleaners clean from small to large industrial locations. It normally involves cleaning machinery, equipment, chemical and industrial solvents, ceilings and walls.

It is important for the crews to be properly trained and OSHA-compliant. Industrial cleaning is a fast-paced industrial job that requires special equipment and chemical training, as well as safety knowledge. As a common practice, industrial cleaners also receive on-the-job training to better understand the intricacy of effective and appropriate industrial cleaning. 

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