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The Role of Industrial Cleaning in Preventing Equipment Failure and Downtime

How much does an hour of downtime cost your business? For some companies, the cost can easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars. One of the most often overlooked ways to reduce downtime and equipment failure is via industrial cleaning. Here’s a streamlined breakdown of the role industrial cleaning can play in keeping our businesses running and equipment in good shape.

Removing Harmful Debris

By removing harmful debris, industrial cleaning serves as a preemptive step in preventing equipment failure. Whether it’s ambient dust, residue from industrial processes, or oil or other lubricants, it’s easy for dirt and grime to find their way into the machinery we need to keep operations moving. Over time, these build up and become silent productivity killers.

With industrial cleaning, we can prevent the slow build-up of contaminants that can cause excess friction or wear and tear. Also, when cleaners use a systematic checklist, you can review it periodically to ensure each cleaning prevents the maximum number of failures.

Boosting Equipment Efficiency

Equipment often depends on smooth, uninterrupted movement to operate efficiently. Otherwise, moving components may require excess power or maintenance to keep pumping out products or enable comfortable, efficient work environments.

With industrial cleaning, we can make sure none of the following impact critical processes:

  • Dirt that accumulates in gears and other moving parts
  • Dust and debris buildup in manifolds that need to be free of clogs to operate efficiently
  • Goopy lubricants that get thickened with excess dirt and slow the movements of the components they’re supposed to aid
  • Clogged filters for HVAC units that impede efficiency

Extending the Life of Your Technology

In addition, computers run better and last longer when they don’t have to deal with excess dust they collect from the air. When fans get clogged, computers can’t cool themselves properly and overheat. For example, contacts on circuit boards can overheat and melt, leading to failed screens, video cards, or sound components.

With industrial cleaning, we can eliminate much of the dust that can clog computer ventilation systems and cause overheating. By leveraging industrial cleaning, we can keep our operations up and running longer and minimize downtime. The key is to choose a company that cleans with your operational interests in mind. We can help. Get a quote from Kelly Industrial Services today to get started.