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The Functional Benefits of Painting

In warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial settings, a fresh coat of paint serves as far more than an aesthetic upgrade. New paint is often integral to business operations.

If you are considering investing in painting services for your facility, here are the key functional benefits paint can offer.

Protection Against Corrosion

Bare metal can quickly become a magnet for corrosion. This is particularly true in settings where metal is exposed to high levels of humidity, chemicals, and abrasion. Paint acts as an important barrier between the environment and the metal components.

With a fresh coat of paint, any exposed metal that is part of your facility’s structure will be protected against water, chemicals, and other corrosive agents. In addition to creating a physical barrier, you can also use paint with corrosive-resistant properties to further protect metal beams, pipes, and structural elements in your facility.

Improved Safety

Maintaining the paint on floors and walls in industrial settings is a critical contribution to worker safety. How does fresh paint lead to a safer workplace? The following are all examples of how new paint might increase the safety of your employees:

  • Increase visibility: Paint is a powerful tool for defining walkways, indicating hazard areas, and defining designated spaces. A fresh coat of paint can ensure that employees can clearly understand markings on floors and walls, even in low-lit areas.
  • Add slip resistance: Industrial floors are often slippery due to spills and substances that fall from the air. Paint with slip-resistant properties can help improve the grip on particularly slick surfaces.
  • Contribute to durability: Cracks, divots, and craters in flooring can all become a safety hazard. Paint helps increase the durability of your floor, ensuring that the surface remains smooth and safe to walk on, as well as moving wheeled objects across.

Compliant with Regulations

Paint is one of the most cost-effective methods for ensuring your facility remains compliant with important regulations outlined by OSHA and other regulatory organizations.

You can use paint to clearly mark areas where hazardous materials are stored or identify required safety elements, such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and eyewash stations. You can also use fresh paint to mark pipes that are carrying hazardous materials or identify specific equipment.

Invest in Your Facility

At Kelly Industrial Services, we understand the importance of minimal downtime for your facility. That’s why we provide fast, high-quality painting services. We have worked hard to achieve the most efficient timeframe in the industry, ensuring that we do not interrupt your production schedule. We are also capable of working in any facility setting, from standard to unique. If you are ready to add a fresh coat of paint to your facility, reach out to our team for a free quote.