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SQF Cleaning & Sanitation: Learn How to Pass with a Contracted Cleaning Service

Are you looking to pass a rigid inspection at your facility? 

Kelly Industrial Services is staffed by experienced and trained crews to provide you with best in class cleaning and disinfecting, including for SQF certifications.

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What is the SQF Certification?

The Safety Quality Food (SQF) certification establishes consistencies in food safety programs, whether on a farm or in a facility. As a result of gaining the certification, your business will be recognized for your high standards by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The certification requires an audit of your facility, which includes an industrial cleaning component. Kelly Industrial offers cleaning services to aid your business in passing the SQF certification audit. We are AIB trained professionals who follow all cleaning and sanitation guidelines for your SQF program.

Why is SQF Important?

The SQF certification is recognized by a variety of industrial food businesses around the world. From retailers to food service providers, the SQF certification offers confidence in your handling of food safety. 

The program allows your business to effectively manage food safety hazards and continually provide safe food products through a structured management system. SQF certifications allow your business to manage food safety risks, retain customers, and expand your business with greater confidence.

Cleaning & Sanitation for SQF Audits

As your contracted service partner, we document the history of our cleaning and sanitation program to support your business through an SQF audit. 

All the necessary program details are provided to your auditor for ensuring Kelly Industrial Services has completed the cleaning requirements for your program. Our cleaning and sanitation plan includes:

From cobwebs to peeling paint, talk to us about what it takes to pass your SQF audit. We provide cleaning services for a variety of certification needs, including BRC audits and other GFSI audits.

How Long Do SQF Certifications last?

SQF audits are completed annually. The program is designed to guide your business through the steps of ensuring food safety, building a history of compliance and program procedures year after year.

Kelly Industrial Services is ready to become your partner in passing SQF audits. Reach out to us today to discuss your program’s procedures, questions pertaining to SQF audits, and to gain a free price quote to help compare your options.

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