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UV floor protection at the industrial facility

Industrial Floor Protection: Thin-Film, High-Build & UV Coatings

Deciding on what kind of floor protection your facility needs should not be daunting. Although there are plenty of floor coating options to ensure your floors are safe and pleasing to look at, the whole process becomes much clearer once you have identified your specific requirements.

Appropriate industrial floor coating will protect your floor from dust, abrasion, chemical damage, and UV.

Industrial Floors Protection for Light to Medium Traffic

Thin-film coatings, designed to provide tough and durable protection, are a perfect solution for warehouses and industrial sites with light use. These floor coatings are typically low cost, easy to apply, clean, and maintain.

Industrial Floors Protection in Aggressive Environments

Concrete, metal, asphalt, and some other surfaces may require high-performance protective floor coatings. These heavy-duty industrial floor coatings provide excellent resistance to impact, abrasion, and chemicals. Moreover, they are hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, and they provide long term protection to industrial floors in aggressive environments.

Some of the examples of the high build coatings:

  • UV High-Build Polyurethane Coating
  • High Build Epoxy Coating

Ultra Violet Floor Coating

When downtime is an expensive inconvenience, you deserve the fastest option available. Ultraviolet-cured floor coating (or simply UV floor coating) is the next generation of floor protection. It dries instantly and there is no waiting time. The floor can be used immediately after the application and it is suitable for moderate and heavy traffic. The UV floor coating provides high durability, long-lasting shine, and easy maintenance.

Some examples of the facilities well suited for this coating:

  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Labs
  • Ramps
  • Factory floors
  • Packing areas
  • Process areas
  • Plant rooms

Non-Slip Flooring

If your facility suffers from damp and dusty conditions, you may have an increased risk of slipping on your floor surfaces. Slip-resistant strips can be helpful when applied to steps, ramps, and loading bays. But if your entire floor requires slip-resistant coverage, there is a solution for that. Graded aggregates can be added to your floor coatings for the best slip resistance.

Anti-Static Floor Coating

For areas where static electricity, highly flammable materials, and combustible dust can pose safety risks or cause equipment damage, anti-static floor coating can provide a solution. Dependent on the foot traffic and the surface resistance requirements, different floor coatings may be applied for light and heavy usage areas.

Chemically Resistant Floors

Although most industrial floor coatings provide good resistance to most common chemicals, facilities with aggressive chemicals on-site require special floor protection. Commonly, it is flooring in chemical plants, laboratories, plating shops, where aggressive chemicals may be stored and spilled.

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