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Why and How To Comply with International Food Safety Standards (GFSI Audit)

Food safety standards are one of the biggest food supply challenges that the world’s largest food retailers face. GFSI audit ensures that the same standards are implemented and followed across different regions and industries involved in the food supply chain.

What is GFSI?

GFSI stands for the Global Food Safety Initiative. It is a large collaborative movement focused on ensuring safe food for everyone. It was created back in 2000 to address global food safety after the world was shaken with several food industry scandals.

GFSI Certifications and Their Applications

While the GFSI movement is working hard to harmonize different certificates to ensure the same quality check across them all, the GFSI certification and the requirements that your business will need to meet depends on the scope of your business.

The industries that GFSI certification programs include:

  • AI Farming of Animals
  • AII Farming of Fish
  • BI Farming of Plants
  • BII Farming of Grains and Pulses
  • C Animal Conversion
  • D Pre-Processing Handling of Plant Products
  • EI Processing of Animal Perishable Products
  • EII Processing of Plant Perishable Products
  • EIII Processing of Animal and Plant Perishable Products
  • EIV Processing of Ambient Stable Products
  • F Production of Feed
  • J Provision of Storage and Distribution Services
  • L Production of (Bio) Chemicals
  • M Production of Food Packaging
  • N Agents and Brokers

Why Comply with International Food Safety Standards?

Passing the GFSI audit helps prevent product recalls, optimize your processes to be more efficient and safe, and facilitate the sale of your end-product to retailers. 

Many big food retailers require suppliers to certify with programs that are GFSI-recognized and meet GFSI benchmarking requirements.

How To Comply and Pass a GFSI Audit?

To pass the GFSI audit is to pass the highest standards in food safety and get access to all corners of the global market.

Prior to contacting the certification body to request an audit, identify any gaps between your current food safety operations and the certification program requirements. The following steps are important in obtaining and retaining GFSI-recognized certification:

  1. Preparation
  2. Audit
  3. Ongoing Compliance

The preventive approach for ongoing compliance requires scheduling services and tasks on a recurring basis instead of reacting to the consequences of inaction.

Read more on how a clean facility helps pass food-grade inspections.

Need Help Passing GFSI Audit? 

Kelly Industrial Services can solve your issues passing a GFSI audit. 

Specializing in only industrial facilities, we have unique knowledge of your requirements and work within your time frames: on weekends, during shut down periods or even while you are running production. 

Our crews are continually trained, and we do not subcontract any work.

Kelly Industrial Services can handle any project within your facility: 

 Kelly Industrial Services exceeds these requirements:

  • “A” rating at ISNET
  • TappiSafe Certified
  • Aerial Lift Certifications
  • EHS Managers on site
  • Exceeds all insurance requirements

Contact Kelly Industrial Services today. With decades of experience in specialized industrial cleaning and painting, Kelly Industrial Services is second to none in helping businesses prepare for a GFSI audit.

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