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How Much Do Quality Industrial Cleaning Services Cost?

When facility managers are calculating the cost for a commercial site’s maintenance and upkeep, the price for cleaning services comes to play. How much does high-quality industrial cleaning really cost?

As expected, industrial cleaning requires a well-trained and experienced cleaning crew that knows how to do the job right, maintaining and improving a site’s cleanliness, safety, and productivity. So, the questions like “Am I overpaying for cleaning services at my industrial facility?” and may rightfully cross your mind.

Let’s go through the important parts of how much professional companies charge for their industrial cleaning services and what goes into the cost to better understand the right price for the quality cleaning service.

Defining the Scope of Work for Industrial Cleaning Services

When industrial cleaning companies prepare a quote, there’s a lot to consider. 

Unlike more predictable commercial sites, like retail buildings or offices, industrial properties can vary greatly by type, size, and functionality. To ensure adequate cleaning and client satisfaction, your potential cleaning services company will require a walk-through with the building owner or manager to better understand your specific needs.

Industrial Facility Walk-Through

During the walk-through, everything that may affect the proper and timely cleaning of your industrial site will be taken into account. 

Typical items that are usually included in the industrial site walk-through notes include:

  • Facility type and size
  • Rooms (type, square feet)
  • Floor surfaces and size
  • Number and type of rooms
  • Special requests and considerations (heavy traffic areas, room access, etc.)
  • Specific cleaning services needed (equipment cleaning, floor coating, painting, etc.)
  • Frequency of cleaning

Your project manager will record all nuances of the environment and any specific needs for your facility upkeep. At this stage, the cleaning services company develops a deep understanding of your requirements, expectations, and challenges.

Cost to Clean Your Facility

To put together a realistic price that is fair to the client and still generates profit, the cleaning company first calculates what it will cost to clean your site. 

After completing the walk-through, your cleaning services bidder then evaluates the findings against what is needed to do the job right and with minimum or no interruption to your production schedule.

Several factors may affect how long it will take to clean an industrial site and, therefore, the cost to clean your facility:

  • Company’s cleaning productivity (production rates)
  • The kind of cleaning equipment to do the job correctly, effectively, and efficiently
  • What crew to send (what size, what type of experience)
  • Miscellaneous items to accommodate a special request or certain constraints

As a result of these evaluations, the industrial cleaning company will be able to provide a more accurate quote for your specific needs and give you the peace of mind that you will receive the desired quality cleaning services at a fair price.

What are Industrial Cleaning Rates by Square Feet?

When preparing the cleaning quote for your industrial site, a cleaning company can be influenced by the “going” rates in the area as well as nationally. Unsurprisingly, cleaning rates for industrial facilities may vary widely. Why? Industrial buildings can be much larger than other types of commercial property and can be used in a huge range of business types. 

For example, labs and medical facilities have more specialized cleaning needs and, therefore, demand a higher square-footage price. On the other hand, the larger size of these buildings can lower the cleaning rate per square foot (while the overall cost will be much higher, of course).

Some of the important factors that influence industrial cleaning rates:

  • Size of the building
  • Type of industry
  • One-time cleaning or monthly retainer
  • Specific needs

Interested in learning how long it will take to clean your large industrial site? Contact Kelly Industrial Services today for a free quote.

Putting a Cleaning Quote Together

When pricing a job, cleaning companies must take into consideration not only production and “going” rates, but also the checks and balances. It should be expected that cleaning crews follow the rules and regulations set by the federal government. Additionally, clients often have their own policies for cleaning companies to follow.

Predictably, keeping within the company budget is getting harder. The cleaning company must:

  • Hire competent, safe workers
  • Get the equipment that is needed for the specific job and location
  • Keep crews together
  • Maintain training and certification within various industries

Once your cleaning company learns and accounts for all factors influencing the job at your site, they can put a quote together:

  • Estimate the time using a production cleaning rate chart
  • Calculate labor cost for cleaning your facility one time
  • Calculate monthly labor cost to clean your facility
  • Estimate monthly cost for supplies
  • Add a profit margin
  • Any additional fees (like a first-time cleaning charge)

A first-time cleaning usually takes longer due to a buildup of dirt and wax left by your previous cleaning service or even infrequent cleaning. Naturally, as you commit to a retainer, your cleaning crew will require less time to clean your facility, with less time for the dirt to build up between the cleanings. In addition to your saved time, this is generally also a more cost-effective solution.

Once the quote for an industrial cleaning service is put together, your cleaning company representative or account manager will share it with you and answer any questions you may have about the pricing and services.

Looking for high quality industrial cleaning services?

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