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How Industrial Cleaning Can Boost Workforce Productivity

How Industrial Cleaning Can Boost Workforce Productivity

Don’t overlook the little things. When it comes to the work environment in your industry, even little changes can boost your workers’ performance and, in turn, your edge over the competition. 

From safer and more efficient equipment to a brighter, more lit warehouse, you and your employees can greatly benefit from maintaining the site with equipment clean, sanitized, and in the best condition.

So how exactly does industrial cleaning affect your workforce productivity and help increase your return on investment?

4 Ways to Boost Workforce Productivity Today

1. Industrial Cleaning Services Can Increase Work Efficiency

Frequent industrial cleaning helps keep your workspace free of clutter, dust, or dirt. It turns out that a clean environment helps workers to stay more focused and be more productive. 

A recent study by Harvard University confirms that employees work steadily for seven and a half minutes longer in a clean, organized environment versus in a cluttered space.

2. Building Cleaning Can Reduce Employee Daytime Fatigue

Clean surfaces also help with reflecting off more light for a brighter indoor environment. 

“Light has an enormous effect on our physical and mental well-being,” said Stanley Felderman of  Felderman Keatinge & Associates, a design studio he runs with his wife Nancy Keatinge. According to Felderman, people stay more focused and perform better under bright lighting. 

Clean walls and ceiling in the industrial site may help dramatically improve the indoor lighting that, in turn, supports mental alertness while reducing daytime fatigue and sleepiness.

3. Reduce Employee Stress and Anxiety with a Clean Environment

Cluttered, dirty warehouse can contribute to increased stress and anxiety among workers. Cleaning your work site leads to an improved morale and a happier, more content workforce. 

Employees may report reduced levels of stress and anxiety, and increased satisfaction with the work environment. With reduced workplace stress, workers submit fewer requests for mental health days in a year.

4. Minimize Sick Days with Industrial Cleaning

On average, an employee loses nine workdays a year to sickness. Keeping your industrial site clean and sanitized will help stop the spread of germs and support your people’s health and happiness.

As a result, workers miss fewer days and work at their best ability. Cleaning the workspace frequently may also help reduce allergen triggers, which helps employees with allergies to stay more focused and productive during their shifts.

Clean and organized working spaces are remarkably helpful in helping your employees put their best work forward, while improving their morale, reducing potential sick days, and protecting your expensive machinery from untimely repairs.

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