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Kelly Industrial Services was started thirty eight years ago by Jim Kelly under the name National Clean Ceiling.  At it’s inception the company’s main business was cleaning and reconditioning acoustical ceiling tiles in offices around the Philadelphia area.  After a few years Jim moved into acoustical tile resurfacing.  This was a boom for the business and opened up some new opportunities.  By this time his son, Matt Kelly, had begun to work in the business full time on the crew.   While resurfacing the ceiling tiles at a customer’s location the General Manager asked Jim if he could clean the plant ceiling.  Jim and Matt went to take a look, it was their first time seeing a corrugated box facility.  The ceiling was 30 feet tall with a foot of paper dust on all the pipes and rafters.  When the GM asked Jim, “can you clean that?” Jim looked him straight in the eye and said, “absolutely”.  Matt and the crew were tasked with the job of figuring out how to clean that ceiling.  Shortly after completing the job Jim asked the GM how many other of these facilities there were, thousands all over the country he said.  That was all Jim needed to hear.   A plan was created to expand into this market, doing Industrial Ceiling Cleaning.  The business quickly expanded up and down the East Coast, down south, to the MidWest and eventually all the way to California.  Along the way the company added ceiling and wall painting services, equipment cleaning and painting, Pit Cleaning, Floor Coatings and many other services.   Many family members have worked in the business over the years including Matt’s brother Dave.  Today the company is run by Matt and his cousin Gerry.  They have taken the business to a level Jim could have only imagined.  With dedicated employees around the country the focus is to continue to treat everyone in the business as family.  Jim always would say, family first.  We continue to honor those words by also bringing our customers into the family that is Kelly Industrial Services.  We are extremely lucky to count so many of our customers as friends and partners in what we do.

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Our Certifications

Our highly trained technicians are certified to meet the unique safety and health requirements for a wide array of industries.

OSHA 30-Hour Training Course

Our technicians are trained in workplace safety through OSHA.

Tappi SafeCertified

Our technicians are safety certified in the tissue, paper, and packaging industry.


Our technicians are trained in to keep your facilities operating under safety compliance.

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Food & Beverage


Most frequent questions and answers

Does my operation need to be shut down for your cleaning and painting services?

Our cleaning and painting services increase your operations’s productivity, improve health and safety, and help you comply with all regulations. Our team take pride in working with your crew to minimize impact on your operation and reduce downtime. Weekends, overnights, and holidays are great times to have our teams come in without any interruption to your business.

How is dry ice blasting different than traditional industrial cleaning methods?

Dry Ice Blasting (also referred to as CO2 blasting) is similar to sand or soda blasting, where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact the surface that is to be cleaned or prepared. But that is where the similarity ends. Instead of using a hard, abrasive medium to grind on the surface, dry ice blasting uses soft dry ice, making it completely non-abrasive. One unique aspect of using dry ice particles as a blast medium is that the particles vaporize upon impact with the surface. That means no secondary waste, as in other forms of blasting.

Is painting my facilities machines and equipment only for appearances?

Freshly painted machines don’t just benefit the appearance of your facility they also help improve efficiency and minimize downtime. Equipment and machinery usually require deep cleaning and washing prior to painting which remove any unwanted gunk from your expensive machines. We generally apply epoxy paint due to hardness and chemical durability which can help extend the life of your equipment.

I sweep and mop my floors once a week, isn’t that good enough?

Restoring you facilities floor service has many benefits. From increased safety to organizing your workflow to improved aesthetics, giving those concrete floors a clean and polish can make a big difference in your day to day operation. Using a strong epoxy floor covering ensures your surface will hold up to the toughest wear and tear from foot traffic, vehicular traffic and wear & tear from many industrial tools/equipment.

Do I need more than an exhaust fan to take care of the dust in facility?

Dust collection is an important part of meeting SQF, BRC, GFSI, and OSHA standards. Though seemingly harmless, dust creates an assortment of dangers: flying particles that can lead to eye injury, slip hazards, ergonomic injuries, and respiratory complications. The most serious hazard surrounding dust accumulation is combustible dust explosions. Most standards recommend at least hand vacuum cleaning, we go one step further by harnessing industrial pneumatic vacuuming as the preferred method of defense due to it’s cost effectiveness and flexibility.

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