Cobwebs a problem? Production dust or moldy walls?

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Also, we clean and paint Machines!" alt="" title="" />
Also, we clean and paint Machines!

We clean and paint all types of ceilings, machines and floors for all industries throughout the U.S.

Dark, dirty ceilings have many negative effects on a facility! They can:

Kelly Industrial Services, Inc. specializes in ceiling cleaning and painting, machine cleaning and painting and floor cleaning and resurfacing.  This includes all types of materials: metal, fiber, wood, plastic, concrete, vinyl tile, and steel. Because we have been in the industrial cleaning business for more than 30 years, we properly prepare and follow through for each job by providing the necessary equipment, trained personnel, materials and experience.  Our services are available throughout the United States.

Our customers receive the highest quality commercial cleaning services, supervised labor, and results that are fully guaranteed. We work with your satisfaction as our goal, removing health and safety hazards caused by dirt, dust, grease and grime. Our many satisfied customers include industrial companies in a variety of industries in the U.S. including: food, machine, chemical, paper, plastic, box and others.

Read more about our many warehouse cleaning and painting services including: dust removal, industrial warehouse cleaning, floor cleaning, degreasing, HVAC cleaning, ceiling maintenance, drop ceiling cleaning, pressure washing, grid cleaning, mold cleaning and more.


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